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BOLT’s real estate lawyers have more than 25 years of experience in advising and litigating in real estate matters, including construction law, construction disputes, project development, installation construction, infrastructure construction, arbitration, architectural law, purchase/sale transactions, tenancy law, leaseholds, and easements. Our clients include Dutch retail chains, (institutional and private) real estate investors, nature organisations, real estate and real estate agencies, construction and installation companies, architects and other companies and institutions involved in real estate or related matters.

Our ambition

We aim to provide excellent services and client satisfaction. It is important for us that you are satisfied and that our services meet or exceed the expectations you had beforehand.

What is happening
in real estate

Real estate developments are moving fast. The construction sector has to deal with much higher construction costs and scarcity in the labour market. This leads to contracting challenges and an increasing number of conflicts. The housing sector is under pressure and has to compete with other sectors that use or need land in our small country. The demand for owner-occupied homes continues to rise and so does the demand for rental properties; the rental housing market remains crowded. Chain stores, professional leaseholders and lessors of commercial space have to deal with many factors in this fast moving market, such as vacancy, rent changes, terminations and non-payment. All these developments will have long-lasting effects on the real estate market and require legal services provided by specialists.

Team members

All our lead team members are keen and experienced advisors in this field and have dealt with a great many transactions and cases. Our team members can be found on the team page.

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