BOLT Attorneys-at-law is a partnership under the Regulation on the Legal Profession (Verordening op de Advocatuur) that includes:

  • Coöperatie BOLT Advocaten KvK: 65963210, VAT: NL856335605B01;

and its members:

  • BOLT Dahmen B.V. KvK: 34298094, VAT: NL819203592B01;
  • BOLT Eising B.V. KvK: 32168436; VAT: NL825688322B01;
  • BOLT De Gier Kvk: 76485730, VAT: NL860641041B01;
  • BOLT Sanders KvK: 30242033, VAT: NL001815841B64;
  • BOLT Van den Brand KvK: 66901839, VAT: NL001895684B53;
  • BOLT Viëtor B.V. KvK: 64648982, VAT: NL855761246B01;
  • BOLT De Wit KvK: 55120555, VAT: NL001384584B19.

All engagements are entered into exclusively with one of these members and not with Cooperation BOLT U.A. All attorneys-at-law working under the partnership BOLT Advocaten are insured against professional liability.