Corporate law

We assist in corporate (M&A)
transactions and advise on related legal issues ranging from investment to exit. We also provide support in dealing with any post-closing legal issues, commercial contracts and handling claims.

Our ambition

We are keen to provide excellent services to
national and international companies, founders,
management, targets, PE-funds and investors and to exceed expectations.

How we work

We work in close cooperation with the client
and other specialists both within and outside our firm to ensure an integrated approach in order to deliver the best result. 

What is happening in the field of corporate law

New legislation will increasingly reflect the government’s response to the effects of climate change, scarcity of goods and personnel, the introduction of new technologies and the dominance of large companies. It will also be strongly influenced by international conflicts and changing geopolitical insights.

Corporate sustainability is already high on the agenda of European legislators and the EU member states and will rapidly impact companies of any size. This will have a profound effect on existing markets and create new opportunities and, as a result, influence the trends in M&A in the years to come.

Team members

All our lead team members are keen and experienced advisors in this field and have dealt with a great many transactions and cases. Our team members can be found on the team page.

Rogier Dahmen
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Mark Eising
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Alexander Steenaert
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