New legislation in the field of corporate law and the integration of principles of good governance require more and more attention of executive and supervisory officers of Dutch companies. Discussions on the independence of directors and supervisors, compensation, conflicts of interest , exchange of information, business ethics, integrity and accountability, “corporate sustainability” and shareholder activism are no longer topics only the large companies have to deal with. These developments and the convergence of major liability rules as a result of case law create a dynamic playing field. BOLT assists in the implementation of good corporate governance, proper governance and liability issues relating to proper governance.

Industries: Food | Transport & Logistiek |Healthcare

Finished projects

Advising the advisory board and supervisory board of Euronext fund in conflict with activist minority shareholder | Advising Taiwan listed company to change management and governance of Dutch company active in dairy | Consultancy projects in family business succession situations in various industries (Food, Transportation & Logistics and Production) | Advising healthcare non-profit institution in fraud by director with subsidies